Hello We Are Amrutsparsh Healing Center (Alternate Therapy Center),  Our Center Is Located Neraby Badlapur Railway Station, Only 5 to 7 Minutes Away
We Do Panchkarma & Other Ayurvedic Therapy's To Heal Our Patients Naturally,
We Are Really Fond Of To Heal Our Patient Naturally,
Our Motive Is To Free The People From Paralysis, Spondylosis Like Disease, And Return Them Their  Healthy Life
We Also Have Various Treatments & Therapy's For Weight Loss, Women Problems, Skin Problems, Immunity Boosting,Healthy Diet
Hair fall, Varicose Vines, Acidity,Etc
We Hold Promising Effect On Curing Paralysis, Spondylosis, Parkinson Diseases
We Really Care About Happiness, Well Being, Friendship..
We Always Follow Authenticity & Our Tradition Culture
We Always Deliver Best Services To Our Patients & Customers
We Are Certified by ISO 9001:2015 Our Certificate No.Is